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Dainty Little Tiny Greeting Cards

Dainty Little Tiny Greeting Cards

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Card Style
Comes packaged with a tiny envelope and a clear pocket sleeve for protection
Cards are printed on thick watercolor paper and are very rich in color!
Each envelope can fit a gift card

1. You're Planty Cute
2. Hello- Happy Birthday
3. Let's Get Groovy
4. Magical Mushrooms
5. I Shit You Knot
6. Hello- You Are... (insert words of affirmation)
7. Donut
8. You Make Me :)
9. Have a Happy Birthday
10. Will you be my Squishy?
Card Bundle (comes with all 10 styles listed above)

Card inside: Blank
Card back: Dainty Little Tiny Things
Card Size: 2.3x3.4"
Card Size with plastic protective sleeve: 2.75"x3.75"
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