About Me

Hi all! My name is Angela and I'm the one woman band behind Plant Dosage X Dainty Little Tiny Things. I love to design and create dainty little tiny things in Southern California!

How Plant Dosage Was Born

I first created Plant Dosage in Summer 2019 when my obsession of plants started to grow. That summer, I began to sell plants out of my 900sq ft. apartment. That then grew to me selling at my first booth in Costa Mesa.
At this market was where I launched my first set of wooden plant jewelry and it happened to be a hit! Long story short, I sold out!
Since then, my handmade plant jewelry collection began to grow just as fast as my plant collection. As of today, I have created over 150+ products for the plant addict like me. And I'm so fortunate to say that Plant Dosage has allowed me to quit my full time job to aspire my passions of creating and love for plants.

How Dainty Little Tiny Things Was Born?

Aside from plants, I also love to collect tiny things and that is how Dainty Little Tiny Things was born. Allowing me to create things non-plant related but also minimal and simple. 
I have so many things I'm so excited to share with everyone so be sure to subscribe to be the first to know and own a specific item in my ever growing collection!